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Business Continuity Plan

Ohio National's Business Continuity Plan, which also covers The O.N. Equity Sales Company (ONESCO), is intended to ensure the safety of the Company’s associates and the resumption of critical operations and services in the event of an emergency such as fire; power or communication blackouts; natural or man-made disaster; foreign and domestic terrorism; and civil disturbance. The timeframe for resuming critical business operations may vary based on the nature and severity of the emergency.

Ohio National recognizes the importance of maintaining viable emergency response, resumption, recovery and restoration strategies. It is the policy of Ohio National, and all affiliated organizations, to maintain a viable Business Continuity Plan. In support of this policy, procedures are in place to:

  • Relocate critical business operations to established recovery facilities.
  • Reroute and activate customer service phone lines.
  • Process all customer transactional requests.
  • Quickly restore communications with business constituents, banks and regulatory agencies.
  • Contact all home office associates and sales representatives.
  • Quickly restore all critical company data and systems.

The Business Continuity Plan, and any updates to the plan, are reviewed quarterly by designated members of management and the Business Continuity Committee. The Business Continuity Plan is also reviewed annually by a member of senior management of Ohio National.

Ohio National exercises its Business Continuity Plan at least once per year, or at a greater frequency as determined by the Business Continuity Committee. Results of each test, or exercise, are independently validated by Internal Audit and presented to senior management for review.

It is the policy of Ohio National to continually improve and refine the Business Continuity Plan through the aggressive testing of business continuity procedures and processes, and by leveraging advances in technology. Therefore, the plan is subject to modification, at which time an updated summary will be promptly posted on our website. Alternatively, customers may obtain a summary by requesting a written copy by mail.

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